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Student Teachers

Student Teachers


We appreciate your interest in becoming a Student Teacher in the Post Falls School District.   

A Student Teacher is defined as a student seeking academic credit through an accredited college or university for the purposes of gaining teaching certification and/or licensure.  A student teacher is assigned to a teacher(s) for an extended period of time, usually one semester to one year in duration.  This is generally the capstone event in a student's college or university program.

First Steps:


  • Work with your university to be identified as a Student Teacher
  • Ask your teaching program director to contact the Post Falls School District office to arrange for student teaching.
Required Actions:


The following steps are required before student teachers are eligible to substitute for their mentor teacher:  Not all teaching programs allow student teachers to act as substitutes, please check with your college/university before filling out a substitute application. 

     1.  Submit a Substitute Teacher Application.

     2. Complete the following forms:


Next Steps:


Once you have completed the steps outlined above:

  • Call the Human Resources Department at (208) 773-1658 to schedule your onboarding appointment.
  • Bring all completed forms and required identification for I-9 verification.
  • Fingerprinting for your Idaho Department of Education Background Check will be completed at your new hire meeting.
    • Payment of $35.00 for your background check will be collected at your new hire meeting. Payment may be made via check, money order, or exact cash; we are not able to accept credit card payments at this time.
    • Please see Background Check Memorandum for more information.